Outdoor Heat Pump Condensers
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Every DX2W module requires an outdoor heat pump condenser to complete the refrigeration system.  For smaller residential wall mount or tandem systems, most North American style condensers with conventional 24VAC controls will work.

For larger commercial installations using our tandem DX2W-3 modules, one or two heat pump condensers will be required.  We currently offer an entry-level 10 ton light commercial product with average performance.  For more serious applications we recommend our rugged, quiet, smaller footprint and more efficient 2 or 4 refrigeration circuit line of 20, 25, 40 & 50 ton outdoor units with integrated controls.  Installations are not limited in size and are typically comprised of several pairs of split units all controlled by our system controls.

Call us to discuss your requirements so we can help you choose the right combination of indoor DX2W modules and outdoor heat pump condensers.