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New DX2W-3 Modules to feature electronic refrigerant charge verification

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Many of you have been contacting us for details on how our new Tandem & Commercial DX2W-3 Modules are coming along.  We're glad to report that performance testing is almost complete and that the new models will be the first in the world to come with integrated electronic refrigerant charging controls which tell you when to add or remove refrigerant in order to obtain optimal capacity and efficiency.  

It has been reported by numerous sources over the years that over 60% of North American Split Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners are incorrectly charged and consequently don't perform as well or last as long as they should.  We decided to address this problem and refined the process of checking refrigerant charge using condenser sub-cooling during winter heating mode.  Once we got the process down we automated it by adding a high pressure sensor and temperature sensor on the liquid line as it exists the heat exchanger.  The controls then convert the pressure to saturated temperature and deduct the liquid line temperature to calculate sub-cooling.  If sub-cooling is below 8°F it tells you to add refrigerant and if it exceeds 11°F it tells you to reclaim some refrigerant.  Sub-cooling is recorded locally and on-line so that systems can be commissioned at the time of installation and monitored perpetually to ensure continued optimal performance and report possible refrigerant leaks should they develop.