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Residential Tandem DX2W-3 Installation

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With increased levels of interest in our unique Tandem DX2W-3 modular splits we thought it would be a good idea to show you what a mid-sized residential installation looks like.  This 7,700 SF home is located in Paradise, NL and features hydronic floor heating throughout along with a central forced-air system for cooling.  The installation comprised of one of our 8 ton tandem DX2W-3 modules connected to a 120 gal buffer tank indoors and two 4 Ton Lennox 16 SEER 2-stage heat pumps outside.  Backup heat is provided by an 18 kW electric boiler and forced air cooling is supplied by a hydronic 2-pipe 5 ton ECM air handler.

Photo of mechanical room

Additional features of this installation included our internet monotoring of the heat pumps, buffer tanks and boiler along with load monitoring through the use of the smart ECM circulators used for both the heat pump and floor system.  With this enhanced capability it is possible to see system load independently of the heat pump output - something that has proven to be very interesting and shed some deeper understanding on the often overlooked importance of good thermostatic controls.