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What is a Tandem Module and what does it mean?

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With the recent release of our commercial DX2W-3 modules we began using multiple heat exchangers in one cabinet as a means of achieving higher capacities.  When doing this we have the option to pipe the refrigerant using one or two refrigeration circuits - a practice commonly used in commercial air handlers. When matching one of our DX2W-3 Modules to an outdoor unit with one compressor we will offer one refrigeration circuit; when two compressors and circuits are present we will offer two separate refrigeration circuits accordingly.

Once we started doing this to create our first commercial modules it occurred to us that the same approach could be used in the residential market as a more cost effective way to connect two outdoor heat pumps to one indoor DX2W module.  The result is that we will soon be releasing Tandem DX2W-3 modules expanding our residential line from 3-5 tons to include 7, 8 & 10 ton models. These tandem floor mount modules will cost only 50% more than the smaller DX2W-2 wall hung units which will go a long way to reduce the cost per ton and piping required for larger residential installations.  These new modules will also extend to commercial applications where 3 phase power is not available.