Radiant Panel Products
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After many years of listening to customers, attending workshops and doing our own experimentation we decided we were finally ready to start offering our own lines of radiant panel products.  So far these include a competitive insulated dry floor heating installation panel with matching aluminum plates designed for low water temperature applications.  These 1" thick XPS panels can not only be used with floor heating and cooling but in wall and ceiling installations as well.  We are also stocking rolls of 1/2" PEX-AL pipe recommended for our radiant panels since they hold their shape, do not suffer from the same noisy expansion & contraction issues faced by PEX-B, offer improved thermal transfer and slightly higher flow rates.  Soon we will also be offering our own line of competitively priced fully-loaded stainless steel radiant heating/cooling manifolds and actuators in order to offer customers a turn-key source for most of their radiant panel needs.

We are stocking limited amounts of these products in our Dartmouth warehouse for the residential market but encourage commercial and multi-unit residential clients to pre-order large quantities for their projects at least 3 months in advance in order to guarantee availability and preferred pricing offered on large special orders.