Hydronic Air Source Heat Pumps


Hydronic air source heat pumps are a product proven in Europe but relatively new in North America.  They are comprised of a standard outdoor air source HP connected to our DX2W heat exchange module, buffer tank, aux backup boiler and control system.  They enable the use of economical and efficient air source heat pump technolgy as a means of heating or chilling water.  Ideal for hydronic floor heating & cooling applications as well as hot water radiation retrofits.  Air source hydronic heat pumps can also deliver forced air heating, dehumidification and cooling by using hydronc air handlers or fan coils.  ThermAtlantic can manufacture models to suit most residential and commercial applications.

A2W HP Configuration

ThermAtlantic has pioneered the use of this technology in Canada since 2009 which has resulted in a sophisticated controls package designed to manage water temperatures and heating loads effectively.  Hydronic air source heat pumps work well in moderate winter climates such as Atlantic Canada, the Eastern US seaboard, and the west coast of Canada.  They are not designed for areas with winter outdoor design temperatures much below -15'C or 5'F.  However, in areas where air source heat pumps are known to work well - so will hydronic models.  In many regions where winter climate is moderate it has been found that hydronic air source heat pumps are nearly as efficient as their geothermal counterprts - but at less than half the installed cost.



DX2W Module with cover off (less controls)

DX2W Guts

DX2W Module during fabrication


DX2W Module with cover on


DX2W Specs

Controls & Internet Monitoring

ThermAtlantic is a leading innovator within the residential HVAC industry by being the first to integrate sophisticated controls, sensors and internet connectivity into every unit.  The company provides an on-line monitoring service to its customers and dealers which is used to help commission systems, monitor performance and alert service technicians in the event of excessive aux heat calls, suspected problems and equipment failures.  Advanced control features include:  ThermAtlantic’s proprietary buffer tank temperature recovery; compressor stall detection, alert and auto restart; simultaneous forced air / dehumidification & floor cooling capabilities; and optional outdoor reset to name a few.


Performance Monitoring

Real-Time & Historical Performance Monitoring

Power Monitor

Real-Time & Year to Date Power Consumption

Installation Example

The following photos depict a typical mechanical room layout for a residential installation:

DX2W with cover off

Showing DX2W Module with cover off

DX2W with cover on

Showing DX2W Module with cover on

Buffer Tank

Showing Buffer Tank with its own expansion tank, air eliminator & pressure relief valve

Outdoor Heat Pump Condenser

Outdoor HP Condenser (5 Ton two stage model)

Contact ThermAtlantic Energy Products for more information regarding its air to water heat pumps or how to become an authorized dealer / installer in your area.


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