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ThermAtlantic has proven itself to be an innovator in the areas it has pursued.  We were the first HVAC manufacturer to offer internet monitored heat pumps and cloud monitoring services over a decade ago before IOT was even a thing.  We proved that air to water heat pumps worked and made more economical sense than geothermal heat pumps in North American low temperature heating markets over a decade ago.  We experimented and were successful using floor cooling within the North American residential sector.  We have preached the benefits of hydronics over VRF within commercial sectors and are one of the few North American companies stocking and distributing products to help others move that agenda forward.  We are developing hydronic cascade heat recovery and domestic hot water heat pumps that should prove to be more reliable and easier to maintain than other heat recovery heat pumps on the market.  We did and do all these things because they simply makes sense and are always baffled as to why the HVAC industry has not done so already.


However, we are a small company and realize that perhaps the best way to capitalize on our ideas, intuition and experience is to offer our services to other manufacturers and large organizations interested in adopting or developing their own products or services in the areas we have worked in.  We pride ourselves in being conversant in all aspects of HVAC whether it is refrigeration, hydronics, controls, BAS, IOT, sourcing or emerging new technologies.  We can help with the design of new products or help improve or enhance existing ones and believe in providing training and technology transfer when it is the best way for an organization to embrace new ways of doing things in a sustainable way moving forward. 

If your organization could use some of our help and ideas then please contact our founder Benoit Maneckjee at