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When our heat pump modules were adopted within the condo and apartment building market we were given the opportunity to provide our clients with a tenant sub-metering solution based on the same internet enabled monitoring technology we developed to remotely manage and monitor our heat pumps.  Tenant sub-metering is the process of metering or measuring how many resources are consumed by a tenant's unit.  These resources normally include potable cold water, domestic hot water, heating and cooling energy used along with electrical use.  In other parts of the world they have been metering these things for while but here in North America we're only used to having our electricity, natural gas and sometimes water metered by the utility companies.  With our tenant sub-metering solutions it is now possible to collect, visualize and report on as many metered resources as you want  and use this information to set rent levels, prorate overall resource costs and flag potential abuse or waster of resources along with providing valuable diagnostic data on the delivery of those resources. 

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We can design and put together solutions which can meet a variety of building owner needs.  We've found that many building owners aren't quite ready to start charging for water, heat or A/C but would like to know how much is being used and by whom.  For this type of customer we have designed a an economical wall mounted controller which looks and acts as the main thermostat but also doubles as the metering interface for an assortment of pulse water meters, thermal energy meters and electricity meters.  For more discerning building owners who wish to start charging for water, heating, cooling and electrical use we can design a tenant billing system based on certified smart meters which can be used to legally sell resources.  These solutions are more expensive and not as popular in North America at this time.  Our design consultation process will identify ways of wiring installations in ways which should allow them to migrate from economical to legally certified metering without too much trouble down the road.