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  • Front view of cased chilled water coil showing 12" round flange connection.
  • Side view of cased chilled water coil showing 3/4" FNPT return, supply and condensate connections.
  • This diagram shows how the DEH-2 might be integrated with a home's ERV and over-sized ducting.

2 Ton Cased Chilled Water Coil

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Product Description

This is a cased 2 ton chilled water coil with insulated condensate pan.  It is capable of removing enough humidity from most mid-sized homes to allow the use of radiant cooling panels or floors when used with the appropriate controls.  In some smaller or very tight homes this coil may even provide sufficient sensible cooling to cool the entire home or supplement the radiant cooling system. The coil has 12" round collars for easy connection to ducting and is most often reduced down to 6-8" when used with one of our in-line blowers.  Although the condensate pan is insulated, you will need to insulate the exterior of the case to prevent unwanted condensation and increase efficiency. These coils can also be used with hot water to heat a space or at least condition fresh air from an ERV or HRV.  In some cases you can build your own distributed forced air system using these coils and adding one or two in-line blowers where 2 ton capacity is sufficient.  The coil used is comprised of a 15"x15" 3 row coil of 3/8" OD copper with aluminum fins which is optimized for removing moisture when used with chilled water. 


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