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Apartment Building Installation Example

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This summer also saw the installation of our commercial products in a 48 unit apartment building in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  This installation used three of our tandem 20 ton DX2W-3 modules connected to six 10 ton heat pumps outside.  Water is heated or chilled by the heat pumps and stored in three 200 gallon buffer tanks from where it is injected into the system loop or used to heat or pre-heat domestic hot water all year round. 

Photo showing our DX2W-3 modules and buffer tanks to the left and four stainless steel indirect tanks to the right.

Photo showing the back of the mechanical room where a bank of three 42 kW electric boilers provide back-up and supplementary heat for heating and domestic hot water.

Photo showing the six 10 ton outdoor heat pumps piped-in to the apartment building mechanical room.

Photo showing our compact system control panel complete with internet-enabled SCADA system used for both real-time and historical performance monitoring and diagnosis.

We supplied all the mechanical equipment in this installation with the exception of the ERV and will be monitoring all mechanical room operation remotely over the internet.  Apartment buildings are excellent candidates for our products; call or email us if you have any possible opportunities.