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Condo market Commercial Installation Example

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This summer saw the installation of our products in a 72 unit condo development in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Three of our 20 ton tandem DX2W-3 air to water modules were connected to six 10 ton heat pumps outside over the underground parking garage deck and three 200 gallon buffer tanks.  The hydronic design offers both condensing and non-condensing water temperatures to support both floor cooling and ERV dehumidification along with domestic hot water heating during the summer.  In the winter the system will heat the 72 condo units using floor heating and provide domestic hot water heating above freezing and domestic hot water pre-heating below freezing.

Photo showing the rather cramped mechanical room during the installation.

Photo showing one of our 20 ton tandem DX2W-3 modules during the installation process.

Other features of this installation include the extensive use of energy efficient ECM smart circulators, five 120 gallon stainless steel indirect tanks for domestic hot water heating and storage, a large 25 ton dehumidification coil on the roof which conditions free air flowing through the ERV, tenant sub-metering of cold and cold water as well as BTU metering of each units's heating and cooling loads along with our internet-enabled building automation system for HVAC monitoring and metering.   ThermAtlantic provided all the HVAC components listed except for the ERV & dehumidification coil which were previously installed.  This building owners are applying for Leed Platinum status making this building one of the most energy efficient buildings in Nova Scotia.