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Tenant Sub-Metering Projects underway

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This fall we have several new tenant sub-metering projects unfolding in Nova Scotia.  The first is the installation is at the Vüze - the new name for the renovated Fenwick Towers in Halifax which is the tallest building east of Montreal.  Here we have supplied our new line of potable water pulse meters, high frequency pulse flow meters and supply & return temperature sensors all tied into our innovative tenant sub-metering thermostat.  Once the project is completed there will be approximately 300 units networked to our central data logging panel and mirrored to a cloud server for real-time and historical access to tenant water and heat utilization.


Photos of our Tenant Sub-Metering Products at the Vüze in Halifax, NS  

Screen shots of our web-based Dashboards

Also underway is the 109 apartment unit installation at Velo on 2300 Gottingen Street in Halifax.  This building will be heated and cooled using our full product mix of air to water heat pumps, fan coils and tenant sub-metering systems.  The photos below show how our potable pulse water meters are being installed along with our high frequency pulse flow meters and temperature sensors used for BTU metering in both heating and cooling modes.


Photos of our potable water and flow meters at Velo on 2300 Gottingen St. in Halifax, NS

Back in March of this year we installed a centralized version of our tenant sub-metering system at Q-Lofts on 5662 Roberts Street in Halifax.  This 72 unit condo development had been built with potable water meters and flow meters pre-installed and home-run to a central closet.  We therefore designed a pulse and flow metering panel which is able to record water and thermal energy consumption for every unit.  

Photos of Centralized Tenant Sub-metering Panel and Reports at Q-Lofts in Halifax, NS.