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  • DFAS unit showing five 8" take-offs on top.  Built-in plenum saves considerable time and installation material cost keeping installations economical.
  • DFAS coil seem from the top with cover off.  All pipe connections are accessible from both side and bottom return air grills.
  • DFAS coil as seen from the bottom.
  • DFAS cabinet mounted in the attic with bottom return shown.
  • DFAS cabinet with five 8" take-off's shown.
  • 8" insulated flex runs from DFAS unit to ceiling registers.
  • S-Line blower mounted roughly half way between DFAS cabinet and ceiling register.  It is important to locate in-line fans half-way and within the insulated attic space so that noise is attenuated before it reaches the room.
  • Site assembled relay cabinet using one relay per blower and a current sensing relay used to enable the chilled water circulator.
  • Example of a condensate trap with accessible clean-outs.
  • Example of a DFAS unit inside an insulated dog-house made of rigid foam insulation.
  • Photo of a ceiling diffuser roughed-in with back damper.
  • Photo showing 6" blower connected to 8" insulated flex.
  • This installation has the flex connections going through holes cut out from the rigid foam panels.
  • Bottom shot showing condensate and insulated supply and return water lines.
  • Closeup of a blower showing rigid foam support to prevent any sound transmission to ceiling.
  • Great shot showing three flex connections coming out of the insulated dig-house.  Batt insulation covers the top to allow access if necessary.
  • Closeup of the relay panel before installation.  It features a relay for each blower along with a current actuated relay end-switch for chilled water circulator or zone valve.

DFAS Chilled Water Cased Coil

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Product Description

We came up with the idea for our Distributed Forced Air System because there are often situations where a traditional central forced air system is too costly or obtrusive and the fact that sometimes installing many fan coils in a home can be just as costly and a lot more work to install.  The DFAS system is ideal for bungalows where up to 3.5 tons of cooling is desired, a centrally located closet exists and the attic is accessible.  The DFAS coil is installed at the top of a closet or inside an insulated enclosure in the attic with return air grills located below and to one side.  Two 3/4" insulated PEX lines are then run from the mechanical room to the coil with a third 3/4" line ran from the condensate drain to the nearest drain via a trap.  Up to five 8" insulated flex runs are connected from each take-off to a ceiling register and a DFAS in-line blower is then installed midway between the coil and each ceiling register.  Blown-in ceiling insulation then covers the 8" flex to further insulate it.  Electrical outlets are installed in the attic for each room's blower and the power is switched by relays in a cabinet which are controlled by the "Y" or cooling signal from a heat/cool thermostat.  Lastly, a current detecting relay passed over the relay panel feed acts as an end-switch for the chilled water circulator.  The end result is a zoned, variable load forced air cooling and dehumidification system that is easy to install and maintain.

Product Reviews

  1. DFAS was a good investment for my new home

    Posted by D. Stanley on 16th Feb 2019

    I'm a contractor who purchased Thermatlantic's DFAS system in 2016 and installed the supplied unit, in-line blowers and diffusers when building my own home. I have had the system up and running for the last 2 summers (2017 and 2018) and have had great success with the product. I have a large 2700 sq/ft main floor being cooled using the DFAS with a DX2W-2 module and Lennox 16 SEER heat pump outside. The system cools the house with no issue - each of 5 rooms within 1/2 degree of setpoint and there is no noticeable noise from the blowers up in the attic.

    There are just a few yearly maintenance requirements which can be completed in an hour or two. These include cleaning or replacing air intake filters, opening or closing diffusers in each room, cleaning condensate trap. I think the DFAS system is a must have for anyone with a well insulated home to combat the issues of solar gain in the summer. It’s an easy to use, efficient, low maintenance, and low cost system compared to other stand alone AC Units. I am very pleased I installed the system when I was constructing my house it’s made those hot summer nights much more enjoyable. Thank you Benoit and Thermatlantic.

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