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  • DFAS unit showing five 8" take-offs on top.  Built-in plenum saves considerable time and installation material cost keeping installations economical.
  • DFAS coil seem from the top with cover off.  All pipe connections are accessible from both side and bottom return air grills.
  • DFAS coil as seen from the bottom.
  • DFAS cabinet mounted in the attic with bottom return shown.
  • DFAS cabinet with five 8" take-off's shown.
  • 8" insulated flex runs from DFAS unit to ceiling registers.
  • S-Line blower mounted roughly half way between DFAS cabinet and ceiling register.  It is important to locate in-line fans half-way and within the insulated attic space so that noise is attenuated before it reaches the room.
  • Site assembled relay cabinet using one relay per blower and a current sensing relay used to enable the chilled water circulator.
  • Example of a condensate trap with accessible clean-outs.

DFAS Chilled Water Cased Coil

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Product Description

We came up with the idea for our Distributed Forced Air System because there are often siutations where a traditional central forced air system is too costly or obstrusive and the fact that sometimes installing many fan coils in a home can be just as costly and a lot more work to install.  The DFAS system is ideal for bungalows where up to 3.5 tons of cooling is desired, a centrally located closet exists and the attic is accessible.  The DFAS coil is installed at the top of a closet or inside an insulated enclosure in the attic with return air grills located below and to one side.  Two 3/4" insulated PEX lines are then run from the mechanical room to the coil with a third 3/4" line ran from the condensate drain to the nearest drain via a trap.  Up to five 8" insulated flex runs are connected from each take-off to a ceiling register and a DFAS in-line blower is then installed midway between the coil and each ceiling register.  Blown-in ceiing insulation then covers the 8" flex to further insulate it.  Electrical outlets are installed in the attic for each room's blower and the power is switched by relays in a cabinet which are controlled by the "Y" or cooling signal from a heat/cool thermostat.  Lastly, a current detecting relay passed over the relay panel feed acts as an end-switch for the chilled water circulator.  The end result is a zoned, variable load forced air cooling and dehumidification system that is easy to install and maintain.

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