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  • The latest residential wall mount model is only 16" wide x 24" tall x 12" deep and uses externally mounted circulator and 3 way mixing valve which are included.  Here is the front view.  It comes in two sizes:  3-4 Ton and 4-5 Ton which use different capacity heat exchangers and matched TXVs.
  • Water connections are on the right side and include 1" unions for easy connection and servicing.  It is recommended that longer piping runs or those with many elbows increase pipe diameter to 1-1/4" ID.
  • Refrigeration connections are on the left side and feature swaged ends and internal service ball valves and ports.  3/8" OD liquid line and 7/8" OD vapour line connections may be reduced for smaller models and inverter heat pumps.  For more demanding clients we can also offer an EEV with superheat controller on special order but it will only be used in cooling and during defrost in heating mode.
  • Here are three DX2W-EX1 modules being tested before they ship.
  • Here is a closeup of the main terminal strip used for field wiring.  There is also an RJ-45 female port on the bottom to connect to the internet for remote monitoring and diagnostics through our on-line monitoring service - free in the first year.
  • Here is a closeup of the side accessories terminal strip used when other Modbus devices are connected.
  • Here is an annotated view of the inside of the DX2W-EX1.  Not only is is easy to service but the controls are all easily accessible from the front.
  • This is the Wilo Star S 33 FC 120V circulator normally included with the DX2W-EX1.  It includes 1" flanges along with two oil filled 60 PSI pressure gauges to be mounted on both sides of the pump in order to measure pressure drop used to calculate flow through the DX2W-EX1 heat exchanger.  This information is important because it is used by the PLC to calculate output in KW and COP.
  • In addition to the circulator (not shown here) these are the field installed components which ship with the DX2W-EX1.  They include:  3 way mixing valve, two 60 PSI oil-filled pressure gauges to measure pressure drop across circulator, circulator relay, boiler suppression relay,  heat pump current transducer, electric boiler current transducer, buffer tank temperature sensor, outdoor temperature sensor,  system supply & return and indoor temperature sensors, 15VDC power adapter and optional thermal well.
  • Here is an example of how a typical DX2W-EX piping diagram looks like.  In this case an electric backup boiler is used and the manifold is designed to allow for a mix of radiant and forced air heating and cooling.  We can provide piping diagrams at no additional charge for your project.

DX2W-EX1 Residential Air to Water Module

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Product Description

We've been manufacturing our own residential air to water heat pump modules since 2011.  Our DX2W line was the first in the world to include internet enabled controls and monitoring in every unit made and continues to lead the way for the next generation of intelligent HVAC products.  The DX2W-EX1 is even more compact and easier to ship by allowing the external mounting of the bundled circulator and 3 way mixing valve - offering much more flexibility than our previous models.  You can use most conventional air source heat pump outdoor units on the market with the DX2W-EX1 including Inverter & EVI cold climate models with 24VAC 3rd party controls support.  Using our modular approach makes our product more affordable, easier to install and much easier to service down the road since local HVAC technicians will be familiar with the outdoor heat pump models they already offer.  Lastly, our products are designed and manufactured in Atlantic Canada using North American made UL approved refrigeration components guaranteed to be reliable and easier to replace and service.

Warranty Information

Limited 5 Years Parts, 1 Year Labour on indoor DX2W-EX1 Module and 1 year replacement warranty on sensors, external mixing valve and controls.

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