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We can offer you hydronic 2-pipe fan coils in high wall mount, low wall mount or recessed as well as ceiling cassette styles on special order.  Fan coils require two insulated water lines for supply and return water connections and a third one for condensate where cooling is involved.  Many models now come with convenient wireless remotes which allow control of the temperature, fan speed and louver direction.  fan coils are an ideal way to provide both heating ad cooling to a room using the same 2 pipe connection.  Many homes will use hydronic floor heating as the primary heat source but rely on fan coils for chilled water cooling and dehumidification and as an alternate source or 2nd stage heating.

We not only distribute a full line of energy efficient, quiet fan coils but have developed our own controls ideally suited for condo and apartment building applications.  By purchasing your fan coils from ThermAtlantic you can rest assured that we will ensure that the right models, valve options and control interfaces are chosen for your application.