Hydronic Terminal Devices
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In North America, Hydronic Terminal Devices are not nearly as popular, available or affordable as standard DX or refrigerant-based products.  It's our mission to change that so that hydronic or water-based distribution systems have a chance of competing with the wave of mini-splits and VRF systems now filling the HVAC landscape.  

Unlike refrigerant-based piping systems and terminal devices, hydronic heating and cooling systems will stand the test of time and are a wiser choice for new and old buildings alike.  It is a certainty that today's refrigerants and the products for which they are designed will be phased out every 10 years or so to make room for more environmentally friendly and efficient innovations.  Therefore today's refrigeration products belong in mechanical rooms and rooftops - not in every room in your building. 

The first step is installing a 2 or 4 pipe hydronic infrastructure - and doing so with low temperature heating devices in mind to ensure that pipe sizes and flow rates are appropriate.  Once this is in place you can connect an array of different hydronic air handlers, fan coils along with radiant floor or panel heating and cooling systems.  This section of our website features air handlers, a variety of fan coils and even a unique distributed forced air system we invented and manufacture ourselves.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our products or obtain some assistance in choosing which ones might be best for your next project.