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Product line expands to include Stainless Steel Tanks

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In December we decided it was time to offer our customers ready access to a comprehensive line of top quality stainless steel tanks.  Although we've sold quite a few tanks over the years, freight costs, lead times, limited selection and the high cost of good quality products have driven installation costs up and not allowed us to provide the kind of products we'd like to at reasonable prices.  

In response we came up with the first three models in a series of high quality 316-L stainless steel tanks which offer a generous number of ports and a volume range designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers.  We came up with an 80 USG 4 port buffer tank using 1-1/2" ports for the residential and light commercial markets where they can be used as hydraulic separators, thermal storage as well as for potable water storage if desired.  We also came up with a 200 USG model using 4 x 2-1/2" ports to serve our commercial customers.  Lastly we added a 120 USG indirect tank with double, extra large coils for heating domestic hot water using an external heat source.  All tanks come with a full compliment of thermal wells, optional 1" and 1-1/2" auxiliary electric heat ports,T&P relief ports and a drain.  All tanks are insulated with 2" of polyurethane foam and surrounded with an attractive metalic jacket with labels clearly identifying each port.

80 USG Buffer Tank200 USG Buffer Tank120 USG Indirect Tank

The first container of tanks is expected to arrive in Halifax around the middle of February.  We already have one third of them spoken for and encourage customers in the Maritimes to pre-order in advance to reserve inventory.