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  • XPS panels come in 24"x48"x1" sheets bundled with enough double groove aluminum plates to cover them.

Radiant Insulated Panel System for Low Water Temps - 120 SF Bundle

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Product Description

Radiant floor heating and cooling has traditionally be accomplished in North America using either high mass concrete slabs, medium mass light weight concrete or gypcrete or under floors within the floor joist cavities.  Higher mass systems have offered the benefits thermal mass can offer in terms of comfort and storage but are often avoided because of the raised height and structural load bearing limits of standard floor assemblies above grade.  The other problem with high mass installations is that they respond slowly and are often hard to control - especially during shoulder periods of the year and in climates or rooms with lots of solar gain.  On the other hand, the less popular floor joist installation methods don't perform nearly as well or efficiently as their high mass counterparts and are very labour intensive to install.  The performance of sub-floor staple-up installations can be improved by about 20% by using aluminum heat spreader plates but this increases the cost of their installations even more.  

The alternative to both these standard offerings is a "dry" above floor installation system which offers fast response and the use of lower and more efficient water temperatures.  Panels are primarily designed to be installed above grade over wooden sub-floors under virtually any flooring type but can also be used over concrete in basements and slab on grade installations.  Although the panels do offer 1" (25mm) of insulation it is recommended that when installed over basement and garage concrete floors that additional rigid insulation be considered when possible to improve efficiency such as below the concrete.  Floating floors such as engineered wood flooring, laminate and rigid vinyl and PVC flooring boards can be installed directly over the panels and PEX-AL using a vapour barrier sheet between them.  Solid wood flooring such as hardwood, bamboo or certain types engineered flooring can be stapled down instead of floated by installing nailing strips every 24" (600 mm) between the panels.  Ceramic & porcelain tile and natural stone can be installed directly over the panels but it is recommended that a decoupling membrane be used especially where floor heights need to be raised to match other flooring.  Call us to discuss the best way to install your flooring over our panels. 

We are offering a bundled solution comprised of 1" (25mm) thick high density XPS foam insulation with grooves for matching 25 AWG (0.45 mm) thick aluminum plates with on-center spacing every 6" (150mm) along with three perpendicular supply and return grooves.  Cartons contain enough material to cover 120 SF (11.15 M2) of floor, wall or ceiling space.  You will then need to purchase 1/2" PEX-AL tubing to use in the grooves every 6" (150 mm) which we offer as well in 300 M (984') long rolls.  Note that maximum recommended loop length for most applications is 250' (76.2 M) and in most cases could be shorter to accommodate multiple loops per zone.  In radiant cooling applications it may be necessary to use shorter loop lengths in order to maximize flow to meet sensible cooling loads.  Call us to discuss your radiant panel design so we can ensure that it will work well with your project and climate. 

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